Anonymous asked: being a barista is like my dreamjob omg ;~~~;


  • one time a woman brought her drink back because she thought it was green… it was the reflection of her coat in the coffee. 
  • the other day a drunk came in, yelled bitch at me at the till, punched the door and was then arrested for brandishing scissors outside.
  • literally every five minutes someone will order a “regular” coffee. there is no such size as regular where i work. i have to get them to specify every single time.
  • my fingers and arms are constantly dry because i have to wash my hands of syrup and milk, or after clearing something away a million times an hour.
  • people don’t say please, or thank you, and it starts to eat away at your soul.
  • they also throw money on the counter instead of placing it in your hands.
  • teenagers come in, sit down with their own food and pop, and then cuss at you when you have to tell them to leave.
  • cake gets crushed into the carpet that you have to scrub up. on your knees. in the windows. where people walk past. it’s not so much Cinderella esque as exhausting.
  • i would recommend picking a different dream job bby. being a barista is not glamorous at all.


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Haute Couture alphabet: Elie Saab s/s 2014

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Mythology - Dionysus/Bacchus

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Bad day?  This’ll fix it.  FLAT HAMSTER TO THE RESCUE!


Bad day?  This’ll fix it.  FLAT HAMSTER TO THE RESCUE!

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On vacation with Amy :3